Apple iPhone X review

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Apple iPhone X review

Apple’s iPhone X was released last September 2017 and got mixed reactions from Apple fans due to its very expensive price. None the less, the phones overall performance was highly rated amongst the users. The “X” in iPhone X is the Roman numeral for 10 and also means iPhone’s 10th anniversary. The technology behind this phone is Apple’s baby steps to the 2018 and 2019 phone releases with new features and capabilities no other iPhone before it has.

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Apple iPhone X Mobile Specifications

Specifications  I Phone X  Mobile
Price  85,999/-
In the Box  Charger
Display  5.8 inches
Operating System  iOS v11
Processor  hexa-core processor
Primary Camera  12 MP
Secondary Camera  7 MP
Internal Storage  64  GB
External Storage  No
Battery 2716 mAh Battery
SIM Type  Single SIM
Hybrid SIM Slot No
Network Type 4G/3G
Warranty 1 Year warranty for Mobile & 6 months for Accessories
Launched in 2017 year

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From iPhone X specification you can see that Apple removed the home button in favour of an all screen OLED display side from the small area for the call speaker, front camera, and sensors. It also had face recognition and Face ID that can unlock the phone with just a scan of its owner’s face.

It also has Qi-standard wireless charging and the charge speed depends on the type of cable, power bank, and other equipment used. The battery has 2716mAh capacity, fast charging, and is non-removable. Meaning that if ever it hang up, you have to wait for the battery to drain for you to be able to turn it off for restart.

The Apple iPhone X has a primary 12 mp wide-angle rear camera lens which supports face detection, high dynamic range, and optical stabilisation for high quality photos. The camera can capture videos at 24, 30, or 60 frames per second and on 4K quality. On 1080HD quality, it can go at 30, 60, 120, or 140 frames per second. This lens has an aperture of f/1.8

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The secondary rear camera lens has a telephoto lens that features 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom also with optical stabilization. On portrait mode the camera can get you that depth-of-field and light effect like those pro cameras. It also comes with True Tone flash with 2x better lighting uniformity. This lens has an aperture of f/2.4.

The front camera has a 7-megapixel lens capable of True Depth with features face detection, HDR capture of 720 pixels at240FPS and 1080 pixels at 30FPS video capture. It also features animoji or animated emoji to be placed on top of a detected face and reacts to the expression of the face detected.

The software was also updated to make full use of the hardware of the phone. It also means that the authentication technology is also boosted as it uses Face recognition. The software was also enhanced for touch-based gestures since they removed the home button. Apple has published a special “Human Interface Guidelines” to set rules for the developers regarding the new interface features so they can’t play too much with the interface.

It has the same IP67 water and dust resistance as the iPhone 8 series. Meaning it can go underwater for 1 meter within 30 minutes, but doesn’t mean it can swim with you or you can bury it in your garden.

There are 4 versions available:

iPhone X 32GB

iPhone X 64GB

iPhone X 128GB

iPhone x 256GB

Pros and cons

On the bright side, the cameras are great and the enlarged screen makes more space for more icons. The OLED screen gives you better colour and image on a screen. With the best specs among iPhones it certainly is a winner in this category. It is also ranked high in phone reviews in many sites. Charging is made easy and it is resistant to water bottle/drinking accidents. You don’t have to remember another touch-based pass code because all you need to do is show it your face.

On the down side, because it uses your face, it is rumoured to be prone being unlocked with your mirror image twin sibling or just someone pointing your phone on your face at the right time but at the wrong situation. There is also users with issues about this “notch” at the top of the display, but Apple already released a notch remover app for those who are annoyed by the design.

Others have also been annoyed that head set is only wireless as the phone has no jack to plug in any sort of wiring making this iPhone X as wireless than the 8 series. Apple has options for headsets and ear phones too making it actually better as there are no wires that will be caught in a stick somewhere.

Since the screen is big and not all hands can stretch from top to bottom, issues came up as some users found it hard to use the phone with one hand holding it and the other one doing the hand gesture.

Apple is clearly testing new waters with this phone, for their first in many new features and updates. I think there are more good features than bad issues with this phone. If you take the time to get use to its new features it might as well be a great phone than can last you for 1-3 years until you itch to buy a baby brother.

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