What are the best Dell laptops for business?

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best dell laptops for business

What are the best Dell laptops for business?

Best Dell laptops for business

Dell is known to be world’s third biggest laptop manufacturer having around 15% market share. If you are looking for the best Dell laptops for business, then there are plenty of options are there to choose from. It all depends on your requirements and preferences. You are supposed to buy such a laptop model that caters to your every need.

  • Dell XPS 13 9370

 This model has been favourite for most of the businessmen out there. This model is known to be one of the most attractive and slimmest models out there. This model is highly customisation. The price of this model starts at $999.99. It basically comes with Intel Core i5 CPU. On the other hand, it has an excellent battery life (around 12 hours 37 minutes).

This award winning laptop comes with two different versions of RAM, 4 GB and 8 GB. It perfectly suits with Windows 10 operating system.

  • Dell latest Latitude 7380

 The latest Dell Latitude 7380 is almost identical to its previous model latitude 7280. The newer model comes with the same RAM and CPU but its screen is slightly larger as well as it has shorter battery power. Despite these differences, this latest model of Dell laptop is known to be an amazing choice for you for all the right reasons. This customisation laptop is known to be the best option for business.

  • Dell Precision 5520

 This latest model of Dell may be considered as pricey but it comes with some great features and specifications. This laptop has an amazing quad core Intel i7 processor with the 3.9 GHz processing speed. You are allowed to upgrade this model for $630.

On the other hand, it comes with an amazing battery life of 12 hours. Moreover, it is there to provide you with an impressive 16 GB RAM which can be upgraded to 32 GB if needs arise. Hence, this laptop is perfectly suited for high level multitasking.

  • Dell XPS 13

 This latest laptop is known to be the perfection option to meet all the requirements of a businessman. This customisation model comes with 8th generation Intel processor making perfect for multitasking. On the other hand, it also has an impressive battery life of around 12 hours. The solid display of this model makes it great for watching cinema or video. This laptop is also available in touch-screen version which is likely to cost you some more bucks for obvious reasons.