Big Bazaar, a huge bazaar store having many stores in one roof

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big bazar store offers

Big Bazaar, a huge bazaar store having many stores in one roof

Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is really huge and a popular place that offers inexpensive household items, food and clothes, all under one roof. There are a few things one should be aware of while shopping and this includes the advantages of low prices on good products, big promotions and sales.

The advantage of Big bazaar is that you get to see an extensive range of products under one roof. In fact, it is like visiting many stores in one roof. However, with the Big Bazaar offers, the place is always overcrowded. This makes checkout to be slow as the billing takes time. You have to be mindful while purchasing as the quality is variable.

Big Bazaar has its outlets across India in more than 100 locations. There is electronics, furniture, cookware, clothes, household items, cosmetics, jewelry, gifts, food and books. In fact, there are special food bazaar outlets and the store opens at 10am and is open until 10pm daily. You can also consider buying from big bazaar online.

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There was a time when the concept of large department stores was not in India, that Big Bazaar came up as department store across the country with its huge setup. Right from the first opening in Kolkata, it was followed with Bangalore and Hyderabad. It also spread to other cities and towns in an astonishing rate.

This is a multi-level shopping mecca that has food to cookware and fridge to clothes. This cannot be taken as any ordinary department store, but is designed particularly to appeal middle-class Indian consumers.


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