HP drivers for printers and laptops

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HP printer and laptop

HP drivers for printers and laptops

HP drivers

A device driver or a driver contains a set of files which is responsible to enable hardware devices which in turn sends or receives data from the operating system of the computer. Without these driver’s hardware devices like printers, won’t be able to communicate with the computer with which it is connected.

If the proper HP driver is not downloaded, then the device won’t run properly. You can check your problems related to device drivers in the device manager section. Every hardware or computer manufacturer launches updates of these device drivers regularly so that your devices run smoothly.

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How to download and install the HP printer drivers?

  1. Go to control panel and change the device installation settings to automatically download driver software. Save the changes made in the settings.
  2. Connect the printer with your laptop or desktop.
  3. Install the printer driver by clicking on the “add a printer” wizard.
  4. Check whether the printer is functioning properly by printing and scanning a document. If you are unable to print or scan, then repeat the process again or seek help to HP customer support via web or email.

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How to install HP laptop drivers?

After the appropriate hp drivers download for your laptop you need to install it. Following are the instructions to do it:

Step 1: First shut down your HP laptop.

Step 2: Disconnect your laptop from the device.

Step 3: Connect the device with your laptop again.

Step 4: Turn on the laptop.

Step 5: Double click the driver download to extract the file.

Step 6: Select your language to operate it.

Step 7: Follow the instruction, select yes to the agreement and keep clicking next on the installation screen.

Step 8: Restart your computer.

Usually there are two to update the device drivers of your laptop: automatically and manually. For automatic update there is intelligent software which will recognize the driver version and the model name and the operating system f your computer to download the appropriate update automatically. To do it manually go to the web site of HP, provide the serial number or model name of your laptop to find the appropriate device driver.

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