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All you need to know about Apple company

Apple Incorporated is a multinational and multi technology firm catering mostly to the mobile and portable community. They design, develop, and sell computer software, online services, and consumer gadgets. They are famous for their iPhones, iPads, macOS, iOS, iTunes, and iCloud. Apple Inc. had humble beginnings and since then it has been one of the top international brands known in all corners of the globe. According to Steve Jobs the “i” in almost every Apple product stands for internet, individual, instruct, inform, and inspire.

The technology giant Apple will become the world’s first company worth $1,000 billion or more, according to experts and investors.

It will be possible in 2018 if the prices of Apple shares continue to grow as it during the past year.

The current market value of this company is $869 billion, and is currently ahead of Google’s parent company Alphabet, whose market value is $729 billion.

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Apple company profile

If you want to know more Apple company details, you must know more about the company beginning. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer Company in April 1, 1976 in a small garage on Crist Drive in Los Altos, California. It all began with a primitive wooden cased computer, the Apple I, which went on sale July of that same year. Wane left the company in 1977, selling his share to Wozniak.

Apple Computer was incorporated also in 1977 and with the help of multimillionaire Mike Markkula, Apple Inc. grew exponentially until 1990’s when Microsoft took a large chunk of the computer market share. Since then Apple and Microsoft have been rivals in the computer market.

Apple Computer Incorporated became Apple Incorporated (Apple Inc.) in January of 2007 as a reflection of its shift in product line and emphasis on consumer electronics. The first generation of iPhone was released on June 29, 2007 and from then on, Apple has released gadgets that we know.

In today’s market, Apple is developing and selling many products including their iPhones, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Tv, and accessories that goes with the devices. Some of those gadgets are proprietary for Apple only use and are incompatible to other brands making buyers stick to the brand. Apple has also released various hardware like the HomePod smart speakers and several software like iMovie to go with the devices.

Their headquarters in the middle of Silicon Valley, California was built in 1993. They spread their footing into a second HQ just a mile away from the 1st one. It was followed by a 3rd campus in Austin, Texas and followed by campuses in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Israel. Their latest build is a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility in North San Jose.

Apple service centres

Apple Stores have popped-up in 24 countries with 3 more on the way in India, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. These are the stores inside malls or as stand-alone shops that are run directly under Apple. In these places you can find a miniature town hall complete with venues where people can have seminars and areas where people can just stay to talk about Apple and their products.

Third-party shops as “Apple India” and authorized service centres have also been popping-up in various location in major cities and other spots in the map. Those shops might not be as posh or as dedicated to Apple as those Flagship, however, those authorized shops can fix or replace your gadgets too.

In 1997, Apple Shop went online as they launched their online store as a tab in their official website, as their rival Dell open theirs. In 2015 the online shop has taken over Apple’s website and became a dedicated online store for Apple products with added tabs for other information about Apple. You can see the official website for more information as well as support.

Apple tech support and Apple customer care

In the Apple official website, under the Support tab, you can see a multitude of self-help options for any of your Apple device and you may need your device serial number for warranty coverage information and the model of your device for some parts of their support pages. Support is done in a way so that it can give help to the global community of Apple users.

The Support tab also has quick tutorials and quick guide for your device, just type in one or two key words and there will be a drop down option as you type. If you scroll down the Support landing page, you will also see featured guides for certain popular devices.

If that Support tab can’t help you, then it’s time to go to an Apple Store or to an authorized Apple Service Center near you. The website allows you to call Apple customer care number and send your device via currier to an Apple tech support or you can go there yourself, which ever you prefer.

You can go also go to Apple official website, chose proper options and they will lead you to a list of shops as well as a map of authorized Apple mobiles shops and repair centres.

Apple iPhone

By far, Apple’s most sought after gadget would be their Apple mobile phone series, the iPhones. Every new release of the series is met with people lining up long queues with the first buyer lined up hours and hours before the stores release date.

There are eleven generations of iPhone models and each are accompanied by eleven major upgrades or releases of the iOS system. The first phone was a GSM based phone followed by 3G network capable phone.

The first iPhone with voice assistant Siri was the 4S series. The 5S series was released with their Lightning Connector technology. The 6S series had all that with the additional feature of pressure-sensitive touch inputs. Meanwhile, attention to water resistance began with 7S and 8S came with improved screen and camera. When they released iPhone X, it came with face recognition and no touch ID system. iPhone price in India allows you to buy these devices for much smaller amount of money.

With the iPhone releases, other accessory like the Apple Watch came out. It also meant the death of the iPod with the last in line, the iPod Touch.

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