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When we book train tickets or bus tickets, doing it online has become everybody’s favorite option to save time and energy. We all keep searching for the best site to finish the booking quickly. Keeping in mind all your booking requirements, Confirm Tkt has been launched. This is the place where all your booking troubles will end, and you can book tickets from your home within a few minutes. If this is not enough to convince you, Confirmticket also offers bus and train tickets at reasonable prices. With Confirm Tkt, you can book either bus tickets or train tickets. Besides, there are attractive coupons and latest promo codes for tkt booking at Confirm Tkt. You can get fantastic train tickets offer only at Confirm Tkt. Along with that, if you want to save more try Meramaal once. Here you’ll get different discount coupons through which you can easily save your hard-earned money while booking tickets at Confirmticket.

Why you should consider booking with ConfirmTkt?

You might be thinking that so many different other agencies are available that make the booking of tickets online. Instead of choosing them why you opt for Confirm Tkt. Well, the reasons are as simple as they are convincing. Confirm Tkt is unique among other ticket booking sites because it offers excellent services. This is the reason why thousands of happy users always rely on their services when it comes to booking tickets online. Let us learn about its functions in detail.

1. Booking of train tickets with ConfirmTkt

Booking tickets for your next train journey at Confirm Tkt mean saving money as well as time. Within seconds you will get the list of all the trains available for the destination you want to go. There is a fantastic IRCTC Paytm offer for Paytm users at Confirm Tkt. You will also get food during your journey on the train. You can order the meal for yourself afterward as well from the ConfirmTkt app, and the meal will be provided to you in the nest railway station. In this case, cash on delivery is also available. Isn’t it commendable? The IRCTC promo code Paytm will allow you to save more on your next journey, without compromising the quality. Don’t forget to log in via Meramaal to save even more.

2. Passenger Name Record (PNR) Status

To remain updated about the booking of the train ticket and your IRCTC ticket that you have done form Confirm Tkt, you need to follow these simple steps. First, you have to enter your PNR number of 10 digits. Then you need to click on “Get PNR Status” option. With this, you can check whether the seat has been confirmed or you remain on the waiting list. If you are still standing on the waiting list, you can see how much time it will take for the ticket to be confirmed. You can avoid the crowd and long lines of the rail station and check your booking status sitting at home.

3. Booking of bus tickets with ComfirmTkt

Similar to booking train tickets, booking of bus tickets also can be made with utmost ease at Confirm Tkt. One difference is that during the bus journey, meals will not be provided to you and you need to plan that on your own. But, getting the ticket can be done in a hassle-free manner. The tickets can also be printed online. In case of bus tickets booking, there is an excellent Confirmticket promo code in which you can get a discount of almost Rs 300 and Rs 75 more on your ticket. If you pay for your ticket via Paytm, you can receive this extra Rs 75 discount. Along with that, Meramaal is always available to give you additional cuts.

The official app of ConfirmTkt and enticing ConfirmTkt coupons

Besides the official websites of Confirm Tkt, there is an official application. You can easily install it on your smartphone from the play store. Once you download this fantastic app, you will be in the exciting world of booking tickets at alluring prices. For first time users, it must be said that the app is straightforward to be used and very simple. Operating it can be done by anybody. What is more interesting about this app is that here you will get some fantastic offers and Confirm Tkt coupons that you cannot get anywhere else. This user-friendly app is available for Android, Windows, iOS platforms. So, whatever smartphone you are using, Confirm Tkt can easily be downloaded. Then you can make use of this app anytime, anywhere and enjoy traveling in all parts of India. So, downloading the confirmtkt app is going to make things more advantageous for you.

Make your bookings at ConfirmTkt via Meramaal

Are you looking for the best Confirm Tkt promo codes? We are all so busy with our lives that it becomes difficult to remain updated about the best deals available in the booking site of Confirm Tkt. We will tell you how you can stay updated about the best train booking offers at Confirm Tkt. There is a site called Meramaal, which is known to be the leading coupon and cashback website in all over India. Here you can learn about all the exclusive discounts and cheap promo codes for booking train tickets and bus tickets from the online site of Confirm Tkt. All you need to do is keep browsing for the most affordable tickets at Meramaal and then confirm it via Meramaal. Not only that the customers are immensely benefitted when they proceed with their booking through Meramaal. It is because Meramaal gives extra cashback along with the discounts that are already available at Confirm Tkt. So, hurry up! Without wasting much time start planning your next vacation now. Don’t forget to book the ticket via Meramaal and enjoy your journey at pocket-friendly prices.

Cab facilities outside station

It can be troublesome at times to get the right vehicle for travel inside a city. Confirm Tkt cabs are available in all towns so that it can receive you from the station. They offer services at all hours of the day, even on holidays.


With Confirm Tkt flights, you can compare the rates at various airlines and choose wisely. So, Tkt means the end of worrying about travel. Along with that, Meramaal, your best travel companion will always be there with you. So visit Meramaal today and get exciting discounts on every booking.

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