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Gas Geyser

Save both electricity and time only with Gas Geyser!

What is it?

Gas geyser is geysers which do everything what a geyser should do but it has no disadvantage. You might have noticed in your traditional geyser that you may have to wait for quite a long time for your water to get deep enough for you to bath but this will not happen in the case of gas geysers. You will get instant hot water using this type of product.

Other thing that you might have noticed is the huge electricity bill that you must have got using the traditional geyser. There is nothing to be worried in this regard as far as gas geysers are concerned. And you will also rejoice in the fact the gas geyser price is also comparable to the old school geysers thereby providing you enhanced benefits with no additional cost at all!

Gas geyser price in India

There are several companies that have started producing gas geysers so you have variety of options to choose from. Though the price ranges of most of these geysers are comparable, even then you should check thoroughly among the options so that you get the best product for yourself. Here is the gas geyser price list of different brands: –

  • V-Guard Safeflo Plus 6 Litres Gas Geyser- Rs. 4,644
  • HavellsFlagro 6Ltr Storage Gas Water Geyser- Rs, 5,555.
  • Surya 6JSD-12-20b-04 6 Litre Gas Water Geyser- Rs, 4,285
  • Bajaj Majesty Duetto(PNG/LPG) 6 Litre Gas Water- Rs. 4,348
  • V-Guard Safe Flow Plus 6 Litres Gas Geyser- Rs. 4,396

You need to find the best gas geyser among several other options. These are only few of the options that are available in front you. But the market is full of several other alternatives.

Where should you buy?

There isbasically two things that you can do in this subject. Either you can go for the traditional shops and buy the geyser physically or you can buy gas geyser online. But the later option is more advisable for you because of the simple reason that they provide you with addition benefits. Here are few of the benefits that you can expect: –

  • You will get better discounts at online stores as compared to physical outlets. There are several vouchers and coupons that can provide you additional discounts which mean that you are in a win-win situation.
  • Another feature that is bound to attract you is the no cost Emi! You can get the geyser at EMI without paying a single penny for interest! Sounds interesting right? So get a geyser now!

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