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Godrej Refrigerator
Godrej Refrigerator

Look into several Godrej refrigerator models before making the right decision!

As you all know that refrigerators are non- durable products which mean that they are going to stick around your house for a very long time. If you do not make the right choice in buying the right fridge for your house, then you are going to live with that mistake for a long time. So, what is the right choice? As far as refrigerators are concerned you need to buy a fridge that is elegant in style and which provides optimum cooling to safeguard your food. This is what Godrej refrigerator is all about!

Why choose Godrej?

The first and the foremost reason of buying from this company is its reputation. It has been in the market for a very long time and therefore has now become a very trusted and reputable brand.

The few reasons which would make you choose Godrej fridge is as follows: –

  • There is wide range of product including both single and double door refrigerator so you can pick your choice.
  • The fridges are very stylish so it will definitely go with your personality and would uplift the aura of your home.
  • The refrigerator comes in various sizes so you can select the appropriate product for yourself according to your need.
  • The entire product comes with huge internal space relative to their size which will enable you to fit more of your food inside it.

Godrej refrigerator price list

Now, it is only natural for you to get worried about the price range of this product after knowing about all the advantages that it is providing you. But you do not need to be worried one bit because it is providing all such features at a very reasonable price range! Here is the price list of few of the products: –

  • Godrej refrigerator single door190 litre (RD EdgePro 190 PDS 5.2) – Rs. 17,890.
  • Godrej 185 Litre single door refrigerator (RD EDGE SX 185 CTS 4.2) – Rs. 12,999.
  • Godrej double door refrigerator 240 Litres (RT EON 240 C 2.4) – Rs. 20,999.
  • Godrej 261 Litres double door refrigerator (RT EON 261 P 3.4)- Rs. 23,490

Godrej refrigerator price is something that will surely attract you. Both Godrej Eon refrigerator and the Godrej Edge model of the refrigerators are well priced according to their utility. The difference between them is the size. Godrej Eon is double door fridges and therefore are more spacious compared to Godrej Edge which is single door model.

Godrej Refrigerators Website: http://shop.godrejappliances.com/godrej-refrigerators.html

Godrej Customer care Number: 022 – 40174636

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