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Honor, a sub-brand of Huawei offers extensive range of phones

Huawei, unleashed, Smartphones in the latest ranger under the Honor Mobiles moniker. Huawei Honor Smartphones are affordable and highly reliable offering a rare combination. Huawei Honor mobile phones are available through all the e-commerce stores such as Snapdal, Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues and Paytm as best deals with discounts. The Honor phones are available in low prices in India; you can compare the features and go ahead.

Honor Smartphone is not a brand appearing as you walk the carrier store aisles. Yet, the wonderful part is that Honor mobile company amassed already fans in millions and also users in more than 74 countries that it is defined as a cheap phone. Honor claims it is the first company offering dual-lens camera and this is the rage in the new phones.

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Why has Huawei launched the new brand Honor ? Honor is a distinct Smartphone; Huawei launched Honor to woo younger shoppers so that they stay away from Samsung and Apple. Of course, Huawei Honor mobiles deliver amazing features including a metal design dual-lens camera and strong performance under $300.

Honor is focused specifically on millennial and are the first digital brand. They allow customers to stay engaged online. However, Honor aims on e-marketing primarily. Honor uses social networks and not TV campaigns. The strategy is to win over the U.S. market, but they do not consider the easy way by having an aggressive marketing campaign and offering a low price. Instead, Honor mobile is building step by step the local capability and is building its sales platform.

Honor is pragmatic always than being opportunistic. This has proved successful and Honor is enjoying rapid business growth. This is possible owing to continuous innovation, quality product and user engagement. The approach of down-to-earth has shielded the company from the market fluctuations and also from the trends hyped that just are in and out.

The local office of Honor is in San Jose, California. There is also a new office at Mountain View, California. Honor Magic, recently launched is the foremost Honor device featuring artificial intelligence technology. This is the first step of exploring future and Honor has made its Smartphone’s closer to intelligent devices.

Honor Magic provides information, on-demand services and human-like interactions. The operating system is known as Honor Magi Live that learns your habits. The external factors are also detected such as direction, touch, distance, speed, brightness and location. It passively functions on the demand of users and also provides active services.

Honor announces partnership with Lenka Kripac, the pop icon talented singer-songwriter from Australia. Recently, Lenka performed the theme song for Honor ‘We Are The Brave’.  This song reveals the spirit of Honor being brave and bold. The lyrics are simple, but have power delivering enthusiasm in a burst, thereby inspiring to pursue in life our own aspirations.

Huawei, one of the world’s largest Smartphone sellers will be starting in India with manufacturing the handsets. They have acquired licenses to manufacture Honor India. In fact, it is announced that after Huawei P9 launch, the manufacturing will be initiated in India. The company expects India after China to be the next largest market for mobile devices.

Huawei is keen in developing business in India as international brand and is aggressive. Huawei, for the past 16 years is selling mobile phones and has established its development and research center in 1999 in Bengaluru. The Company is selling in the names of Huawei and Honor the Smartphone’s and has now launched Huawei brand phone as well.

Huawei has great respect for India and considers it to be a special market.  Huawei p9 is coming featuring three antennas so that it helps to reduce call drops and improve the signal quality. Huawei is planning its branded stores to set up, but does not have a firm plan. The company unveils now the Matebook and TalkBand B3, two tablet PCs that will soon be debuting in India. Right now, the mobile price of Huawei P9 in India is Rs. 39,999 and it will be available at Flipkart ecommerce portal. This new model from Honor will in a 4G Smartphone in 5.2 inch connecting dual quad core processors, 3000mAh battery, front camera 8 mp and rear camera 12 mp, 32 GB internal memory, 3GB RAM and multiple sensors.

Honor Mobile phones price list in India may be available as per the price list in major Indian cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. However, the prices may be slightly different in other cities and towns based on the tax rates. Honor mobile phones come in a wide range and vary in budgets. The Honor mobile price in India is available in both ranges budget and also the high-end phones ranging under 10k, 30k and 50k. These mobiles feature aesthetics, attractive design and excellent mobile software at budget rates.

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The Honor mobile phones, the latest models are available on Flipkart. The latest model is the Honor 9i that offers full view screen and features 4 cameras and Honor 8 Pro. There are many preferred devices from this series of Honor and buyers can buy online as per their choice and budget. The available range of phones are Honor 6 Plus, Honor 4X, Honor 8 Lite and some 4G mobiles also include Holly 3 Plus, Honor 9i, 8 Lite, Bee 2, and many more.

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Honor Holly 3 Plus: Honor holly 3 Plus is launched on 2017 with medium Specifications ,To Buy Honor Holly 3 Plus  Mobile with Extra Cashback and New Offers 

 Honor 8: Honer 8 is released on 2016 with Good Specifications like expandable memory 256 gb and Nice Camera Clarity .To Buy Honor 8   Mobile with Extra Cashback and New Offers 

Honor Holly 4 Plus: Honor holly 4 Plus released on 2017 with Nice Specifications,To Buy Honor Holly 4 Plus  Mobile with Extra Cashback and New Offers 

Honor Holly 4: Honor Holly 4 released on 2017 with good Specifications, To Buy Honor Holly 4   Mobile with Extra Cashback and New Offers 

Honor phones are excellent offering competitive pricing. These Chinese phone manufacturers are reliable and they offer sturdy and good build quality phones with salient features. Honor has honored India with impressive Smartphone ranges and offers a perfect blend of convenience and affordability. Now, Honor, a sub-brand of Huawei also produces other computing devices besides Smartphone’s, such as wearable technology and tablets.

Honor mobile phones is anticipated to come as new launches in India and will offer convenient, user-friendly Smartphone’s that you can also shop it from the convenience of your home or office online.

Regardless of the Smartphone range, the Honor mobiles are in wide collection. Buyers can go through online reviews and buy the one that suits your wallet and interest as Honor has phones for all tastes and budget.

Honor Official Website: http://www.huawei.com

Honor Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/huawei

Honor Twitter: https://twitter.com/Huawei

Honor YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/Huawei

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