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About Hotstar:

In recent days we all have become technology dependent. To overcome the boredom and to entertain ourselves we need the help of the modern technology. In that case what can be better than Hotstar? It is an Indian platform for digital entertainment instead you can say it mobile entertainment. It was first launched in India by Star India in the year 2015. The owner of this is app Hotstar is Novi Digital Entertainment which is a famous entertainment company. This service is recently available in India, USA, and Canada. The company is trying hard to spread its terrific services across the world.

Hotstar was launched for the first time just before The Cricket World Cup 2015 to gain profit. It was a marvelous marketing strategy for the company to choose the right time for launching the app. Earlier the use of this company was limited, but gradually it has expanded, and now it can store the content of almost 35000 hours. The programmes of this app Hotstar are available in 8 languages. So, different people with the different languages can enjoy the same app. All the channels which are available in this app Hotstar are owned by the famous entertainment company named Star India. It has the right to show some of the programmes which are very popular like Indian Premier League.

The number of viewers and the subscription charges of this app:

The number of viewers of this app is increasing day by day. In a recent survey, it is determined that the current number of viewers of this app is about 340 million. This number was found during the time of ICC World Cup which was held in 2015. During the Indian Premier League, the number reaches up to 200 million. Some contents of this app Hotstar are free, but some contents are chargeable. You have to pay the subscription charge to enjoy all the programmes here in The fees are very nominal. Different membership categories are also available. Those who hold the premium membership card can enjoy the extra benefit provided by this app Hotstar. Usually, they collect a massive amount of the revenue through different advertisements. Few talk shows related to cricket are only available in Hotstar. It is truly an excellent medium of entertainment which you can avail as per as your schedule. You just have to log on to the website or download the app in your mobile to receive the full entertainment.

The specialty of this app:

Sometimes it happens that we don’t want to go outside as we don’t want to miss the episode of our favorite TV serial or sometimes we are unable to manage time to go to the movie theatre to enjoy the movie of our favorite actor or even we lack money to entertain ourselves. All these problems have been resolved by one single app named Hotstar. It is remarkably beneficial for those who have to maintain a busy schedule on a daily basis. The quality of the videos is also marvellous here.

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