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HP desktop unbelievable features in affordable price

 Lots of people have believed in desktop PC among all types of computer. They use the desktop computer in the home or in the workplace. Desktop computers are the prime choice because it can give more power to perform and you can use bigger screen than usual laptop screen size. HP desktop is making the choice among the people with all types of facilities whether it comes to graphics design, office work or gaming.

It may have problems to move from one place to another due to the huge setup but it is more comfortable and reliable when it comes about reliability, hardness and longevity. HP always gives high-performance machine with best price option. So, when you decide to buy a computer, HP computer must be in consideration. HP is offering models like Personal, gaming, business and all-in-one pc etc.

All in one desktop

HP all in one desktop is one of the best computers by the choice of people. You will get the CPU and monitor in a single unit. Keyboard and mouse will be connected to the system. It may have wire system or wireless system. Using of all-in-one PC gives you benefits of using the computer same as a laptop but more comfortable usage with keyboard and mouse system.

HP desktop

There is lots of option in an HP desktop computer like hard disk capacity, RAM memory, screen size, processor type, graphics etc. it offers processor unit types such as AMD, Celeron, Pentium with different Cores. You can get screen size from 18.5 inches to 27 inches. RAM is available from 1GB to 16GB with Graphics card facility for more gaming experience. Beside of that, you can get extra parts like inbuilt webcam, microphone, 3D support, optical drive etc. which you can include in the system.

HP desktop India

India is the place of opportunity for computer companies and here HP is making their business well by offering features with prices. Here is some HP desktop price for the new buyer.

  • HP 20-C102IL All-In-One (19.5inches, Intel Celeron Dual Core, 4GB, 1TB-HDD, DOS) price-23650
  • HP 20-C020IL All-In-One (19.5inches, Intel Core-i3, 4GB, 1TB-HDD, DOS) price-33990
  • HP slimline-desktop-270 (Intel Core-i3 6th-Gen, 4GB-DDR4, Intel-HD-Graphics-530, 1TB-HDD) price-27380
  • HP 280 (Intel Core-i3 7th-Gen, 4GB-DDR4, Intel-HD-Graphics-630, 1TB-HDD, DOS) price-37073
  • HP Z240 (Intel Xeon-E3, 8GB-DDR4, Intel-HD-Graphics-P630, 1TB-HDD, Linux) price -64321
  • HP-570 (Intel Core-i7 7th Gen, 8GB-DDR4, NVIDIA-GeForce-GT730-2GB, 2TB-HDD, Win-10) price-77725

Now, you can see the range of the product of HP computers available in India. From thousand to lakh, there are different products available with specified price. Choose your needed one. Buy it today.

HP Website: http://www8.hp.com

HP Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HPindia

HP Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hpindia

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