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Know about HP products before buying them

 Main features of HP laptops

  • Sleek design: HP is well known for its smart and sleek designs for laptops and other devices as well. They have a wide range of colours and designs for every model from Pavilion to Elite Book business lines.
  • Many options and choices to choose from: HP has laptops for everyone. They design laptops of every price range and features. You can choose your device according to your need. Whether you are a gamer or a businessman, hp provides suitable machine for all.
  • Reliable support: HP provides all kinds of support whenever you purchase a device from them. They even pay the shipping charges when there is something wrong with your device within the warranty period.

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Few drawbacks of hp devices:

  • Although most of the hp laptops has performed well but there are few expensive models that didn’t perform well according to its price.
  • HP India customer service is not that helpful when you directly call them and ask for assistance. Many times they have given wrong information and were unable to provide any useful solution to the problem of their customers.

About and origin of HP printers

Printers developed by HP or Hewlett Packard are the most popular and widely used printers. More than 300 million purchases of HP printers have been made all round the world. Because of its high performance, advanced technology and reliability HP printers has managed to create a permanent place in millions of minds.

HP printers were first launched in the market in 1984 and their popularity never diminished since then. It is of two types: ink-jet printers and laser-jet printers. They are quite reliable and are well known for its quality and performance. HP is also the first company to launch 3D printers. Their devices evolve with time and technology to provide their customer only the best.

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Main features of HP printers:

  • The quality of the print is undoubtedly good.
  • It has been built with all the advanced and latest technologies.
  • HP provides both wired and wireless printers.
  • The printers developed by HP come in high resolution.

When are desktops useful?

Desktops have more durable and powerful technology compared to laptops. If you need a computer to work with large graphics, videos and other complicated applications then desktop PCs are the right option for you. It is also suitable for your children where you can monitor their activities in computer since you have to install the computer at a fixed place. So if you have a space in your room for a computer and its other components then buying a desktop is always a good option.

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General features of hp desktop

The first HP pavilion desktop was introduced to the market in 1995. After that it has developed hundreds of models with various memory size and processor speeds according to the requirement of the customer. The name pavilion is used for both laptops and desktops.  The CPU of HP desktops has AMD APU and Intel Core i3, i5, i7. You can shop and check online in hpshopping.in.

Overall review of HP customer care

Problems might arise in any device due to prolonged use. HP customer support provides their service through phone, emails, web, social media etc. to find a solution to your problem and to answer your query. Although HP support assistants are supposed to have sound knowledge about technology and technical problems but it has been observed that many times HP support have failed to give the right answer. This is a huge draw back from HP’s part. Their devices are undoubtedly awesome but their tech support is unable to keep up with the standard that HP has always maintained.

HP Website: http://www8.hp.com

HP Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HPindia

HP Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hpindia

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