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What is iVOOMi?

iVOOMi is a mobile phone Chinese brand of SUNTEX that was founded in 2001. It is based in Hong Kong, China. It has presence in more than 30 countries, incluiding Thailand, Ethiopia, Philippines, Middle East and India.

This brand has over 350s SKUs (Stock-keeping units) in more than five product categories. This Chinese brand is an electronic major OEM/ODM that manufactures smartphones with attractive features with affordable prices, this way they are loyal to their vision of bringing high-end technology to the masses and they can accomplish their mission of “manufacturing products that are top-quality, user-friendly, and at value-for-money prices”.

The company is formed by a group of young people with fresh ideas ready to fulfill the necessities of today’s world and experienced veterans to support them, by designing new products and innovating in the field of smartphones. The strengths of this brand are designing, developing and providing pocket-friendly and high quality electronic products.

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What does iVOOMi offer?

iVOOMi has different mobile phone models ready to be checked by you. Among their popular models we have i1, i1s, Me 3, Me 3s, Me 5, Me 4, Me 1+, Me 1 and exclusive models like the iV505.

These smartphones have modern and very attractive designs with characteristics that will surely fill your necessities. Among these characteristics we have some that stand out and are the proof that they are always innovating. They have shatterproof displays, high quality rear and front cameras, recent Android versions, powerful RAM, fast processor, fingerprint sensors, facial recognition and fast charging batteries, just to name a few.

This brand has developed an operating system that runs with the Android version of the smartphone model that you choose. This operating system is called Smart ME OS and offers a unique interface for your phone. It comes with different options perfect for personalizing your smartphone, like exclusive themes, icons and colors. It also has some features available, like App freeze.

They also design accessories. Their most recent one is their Titan Powerbank. This product has an elegant and modern design in black and LED lights that will turn blue, red or green, depending on the charge left in the Powerbank. It has two different versions: the first one of 10000 mAh and the second one of 15000 mAh that can charge your cell phone in 85 minutes and 55 minutes respectively. They come with two USB ports and a Type-C charge.

All of their products have warranty so you can be safer when buying a product. In the case of smartphones, the warranty period is 12 months and in the case of accessories, the warranty period is 6 months. If you visit their website, you can check the terms and conditions that apply to the warranty and you can learn in what cases you are able to get extended warranty.

iVOOMi in India

The Chinese brand with over 10 years of experience has been recently introduced to the Indian smartphone market, which is growing faster and faster.

In 2017, iVOOMi partnered with two big online shops to offer their products and start conquering territory in the phone market of India. They are Flipkart and ShopClues, online stores where the products will be launched so clients will feel confortable buying their products in website they already know. Along with this, they established and “online-only” strategy to sell their products and position them on the internet.

The launch of their products in India started with the iVOOMi iV505, which is an entry-level smartphone that has a very competitive price of just Rs. 3,999 and interesting features. They continued their journey launching four models with prices between Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 10,000. This way they were able know the Indian market and the response of clients to their products.

However, their journey in India does not finish there. They plan to establish manufacturing units in India between 2018 and 2019. This way they can contribute to the Indian job market, they can offer “Made in India” products to the consumers and they can make the products much more affordable and distribute them faster.

iVOOMi’s website

If you visit iVOOMi’s website, http://www.ivoomiindia.com, you can get lots of information about their products and the way they work.

Besides seeing the products available and the information of the company, you can check service centers. They have a useful tool were you can search your nearest service center in case you need it. To search you just have to select a state and a city from the list. Once you do this, the info of all the available centers will appear, including the address, contact person, contact number, mobile number and the email.

You can also find the contact information and the addresses of their main offices in Honk Kong, Shenzhen and Delhi, the emails of the brand in India and their contact care number, which is +91 93 3582 8282.

Finally, you can also find a section dedicated to the brand’s blog, which can be really useful if you are one of their clients or if you want to know even more about the brand. In the blog you will find important news about technology and the brand, like future smartphones that will be launched; some explanations about the way some of their features work; and very useful tips to take the most advantage of your phone, like advice about photography or apps.

ivoomi Mobiles Website: http://www.ivoomiindia.com

ivoomi Mobiles Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iVOOMiIndia

ivoomi Mobiles Twitter: https://twitter.com/ivoomi_india

ivoomi Mobiles YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGkMuPv-UsJ1zZmk_wLSsrQ

ivoomi Mobiles Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivoomi_india

ivoomi Customer care Number: ​+91 93 3582 8282

ivoomi Customer Email Service: customercare@ivoomiindia.com

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