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Printer Price

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Use of printers

Even in today’s world of digitalisation printer has not lost its importance. Lots of information has to be printed out for which you need to own a printer. There is huge number of brands available in the Indian market which produces high utility printers. There are printers which has now being combined with scanners providing you double advantage. And the best thing which you will find is the printer price which is nothing compared to the usage you can derive out of it.

Types of printer

There are basically two types of printers under which there are several other types of printer. The printers are impact printer and non-impact printers. The impact printers are so called because they make contact with the print and hence are slow and it produces sound while printing. Non-impact printers do not touch the paper to print characters and hence are more efficient.

Types of printer under impact printers: –

  • Dot-Matrix printer
  • Daisy-wheel printer
  • Line printers
  • Drum printers
  • Chain printers
  • Band printers

Types of printers under non-impact printers: –

  • Ink-jet printers
  • Laser printers

Just like the efficiency of laser printer is better than other printers, laser printer price is also greater than the price of other printers. However, you will not find the price unreasonable compared to the utility you will derive.

Printer price in India

The prices of printers providing different functions are different. For example, colour printer price will definitely be greater than the black and white printer price and similarly all in one laser printer price will definitely be greater than the price of the colour printer. You need to first analyse your needs for the printer before making any kind of decision. If you need only colour prints, then you should not go for all in one printer and save some money.

Printer price list

This is a factor that you should definitely analyse before buying a printer. Here you will find printers of different brands segregated according to the utility they provide: –

  • LaserJet printer price-

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M132a Printer- Rs. 10,999.

HP LaserJet Pro P1108 Printer- Rs. 7,799

HP LaserJet 1020 Plus Printer- Rs. 9,999.

  • Photo printer price-

HP Sprocket Z3Z91A Portable Photo Printer-Rs. 7,999.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer Gold- Rs. 18,999.

  • Laser Printer all in one-

Samsung White & Grey Multifunction Mono Laser Printer, SL- M2876ND- Rs. 13,999.

Samsung SL-K2200 A3 Laser All-in-one Printer- Rs. 37,070.

  • Printer with scanner price-

Canon IP7270 Single Function Inkjet Printer- Rs. 14,891.

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