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Scooters in India: Things to Know Before Buying One 500

Buying a new scooter is not easy at all. Not only there are hundreds of brands and models but there are some other things you need to run a scooter. You need to have your license; you need to buy insurance for your scooter and many more official works before you start riding it on the road. Before buying the best scooter in India here are some important facts you should know such as:

  • Check the scooty price list: it is always important to check the price list of the best scooters first. You can check the scooty price both online and by visiting the stores as well. People also get confuse with the on road price and the ex-showroom price. The on road price includes registration charges, accessories costs, life time road tax, delivery charges etc. On the other hand, the showroom costs with transportation cost, excise tax, dealer’s profit etc.
  • Compare best scooty in India: to buy the best but low price scooty it is very important to compare the scooters. Depending on their mileage, maintenance, nearest servicing center you need to compare them. Here are some of the facts about the best scooter brands in India such as:
  • Bajaj scooty: when it comes to scooters in India Bajaj is the oldest and most trusted brand to believe on. It started it business in India near 70s. At that time the only scooter was available was by Bajaj. The Bajaj scooters were in reasonable price and also have great features as well. The popularity of the Bajaj Chetak scooter was so high that people have to wait to get it over years. And people do that patiently to get one.

After launching new scooter brands it does lose its tremendous popularity for a bit. But soon it came to its own way. You can still find one of the best scooters in affordable price by Bajaj only.

  • Honda scooty: after Bajaj Honda is the second largest brand in scooters now. Honda came to India in the year of 1999. And now it owns every second scooter sold in India is by Honda.

The most popular scooty by Honda is the Honda activa. The activa range has many models such as activa 3g, 4g, activa 125 etc. Honda scooters offer the smoothest ride without noise. Other than that Honda has more two wheeler options too. Honda scooters give you the best mileage than ever. There are many Honda service centers across the country. So you can book your Honda scooty from everywhere.

  • Hero scooty: you must know that hero Honda was a single brand once. And they split into two different companies in the year 2010. The both companies are considered as one of the best two wheeler companies for sure. In scooters hero pleasure is one the best selling scooters in India. Hero is considered as the first company which came back with the idea of scooters for male. The hero maestro is the most popular male scooters in India. Other than those heroes have more scooter models you can choose from like hero duet.
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