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Sewing Machine

Check the suitable sewing machine price in India before buying

Usha sewing machine price and specifications

The range of usha sewing machine price starts from around INR 3880. Following are its detailed specifications:

  • The weight of usha sewing machine is near about 15 kilograms and has a height of 42 inch.
  • It needs approximately 10 inches of surface area to operate.
  • It has the advantages of adjusting stitch length and pressure according to the various texture and fabric of the cloth.
  • These sewing machines provide ease of usage and handle.
  • It works on electric. No labour required to operate.
  • It is entirely made up steel and is quite durable.
  • The maximum stitch width of this sewing machine is 1mm and the maximum stitch length is 5mm.
  • This model is suitable for domestic purpose and straight and simple stitches.
  • It also provides easy winding.
  • It has a warranty period of 2 years. All kinds of repair work and replacements are covered in the warranty period.

Meritt tailoring machine price and specifications

If you are planning to buy this online, then this silai machine price will vary from different websites. In Amazon the merit sewing machine price will be around 9600 and in Flipkart it is 6499. It has the following key specifications:

  • It has a size of 10 inches. Very portable and easy to use.
  • It comes with 8 different kinds of stitching patterns, all built in.
  • It also has a stitch guide which is suitable for beginners.
  • It provides 4 step button holes automatically with ease.
  • It has reverse mechanism to secure the stitches.
  • It provides heavy duty performance.
  • It also has arms free sewing for those areas where you arm won’t reach easily.

Vidya sewing machine price and specifications

This sewing machine is one of the costliest amongst the entire sewing machine price list available.

  • This sewing machine provides all kinds of domestic and professional stitches with ease.
  • This stitching machine price varies on various websites. It starts from roughly INR 8000.
  • It has a special square arm for ease of usage.
  • It has stitching options for both forward and reverses for durable stitching.
  • The switch length of this tailoring is adjustable according to the length and fabric of the cloth.
  • It has a special stitch arrangement of two thread lock for professional stitching and finishing.
  • To obtain uniform tension in the fabric this model also provides thread tension adjustment.
  • This sewing machine is completely rust proof hence provides durability.
  • It comes in different colours and is chrome plated.
  • There is also face plate and side arm cover.
  • This will provide 20 stitches per second.

It is extremely suitable for operating with hand, foot and motors.

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