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About Spice

Spice Digital Limited was established in the year 2000. The company specializes in telecommunication services. In India, the headquarters of Spice is situated in Noida. Centers are also found in Mumbai, Dehradun, Kolkata, and Mohali. When the company was founded in the year 2000, the number of staff was only 13. Now the number people who are employed by the company are 550. The official website of Spice is www.spicemobiles.com.

Reasons why thousands of people buy Spice phones every year

The reason why Spice mobiles are loved by customers globally is that the mobiles that they manufacture always live up to the expectations of users. A Spice phone is user-friendly, stylish in appearance. Along with that Spice mobile price is so affordable that more and more customers are attracted to own these fantastic phones. Spice mobiles are endowed with newest features like excellent camera, HD display, long-lasting battery, smart exterior and many more. Any person can use a Spice phone as its operating system is not at all complex.

The wide range of Spice Mobiles

Spice is one of the oldest digital companies in India that launched a great variety of Android phones. Some of the Spice mobiles are Spice M-6110, Spice Flo 6150, Spice Stellar Mi506, Spice Power 5765, Spice XLife 348, Spice Mi-514, Spice Stellar Mi-600, etc. It also includes Spice Endura Z101, Spice M-6112, Spice Stellar 362, Spice Champ 1855, Spice Boss M5501, Spice Power 5511, Spice Boss M5502, Spice Boss Power M-5019, Spice Boss M5801, Spice Boss Trendy 5 M-5032, Spice Style 220W, Spice Boss Champion 2 M-5008 and many more. So, there is a wide range of fabulous products from which you can choose your desired one. If you purchase it via Meramaal, you can avail the latest discounts.

Spice Stellar mobile phones

Spice mobiles are giving fierce competition to other leading brands selling mobiles in India. The Stellar series launched by Spice in 2013 include five smartphones and one tablet. These Spice mobiles are Stellar Xtacy, Stellar Nhance, Stellar Craze, Stellar Virtuoso, Stellar Pinnacle and Stellar Pad.

Spice smartphones best offers

You can now purchase a Spice smartphone at a grand discounted price. The Spice Flo 6150 5 Inch Dual Sim is available at Rs 4,099. Spice Z 202 Mobile can be bought at Rs 5,269 only. The best price for Spice Stellar Mi-526 is Rs 8,499 only. Spice Stellar Mi 497, white in color, is available at Rs 3,999 only. So, hurry up! What are you waiting for? Order your Spice mobile now to avoid missing out all the great deals. Don’t forget to log in via Meramaal to enjoy the superior discounts.

Buy Spice mobiles at enticingly discount prices

Now mobility India has advanced a lot. You can easily own a Spice smartphone at a fantastic discount price. All you need to do is browse through the Spice mobile price list in India and then order it from any online store. If you want to save some more of your valuable money, book your Spice mobile via Meramaal, the best cashback and coupon site in our country. Here you will get Spice mobiles at discounted prices, and if you are lucky, you can get additional cashback as well.

Spice Mobiles Website Address: https://www.spicemobiles.com

Spice Mobiles Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpiceMobiles

Spice Mobiles Twitter: https://twitter.com/spice_mobiles


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