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TVS Apache RTR 160 features and specifications

If you are interested in the new Apache RTR 160 4V then you will be offered two options for engine: EFI and Carburetted. The engine has a fuel injected version of 159.7cc. The engine of TVS Apache has an advanced oil cooling mechanism that will prevent your engine from getting too hot. These engines come with a single cylinder and four valves. This version of apache has a power of 16.5PS and a torque of 8000 rotations per minute. Its motor provides a mileage of 60 Kilometre per litre. It has 5 gears to control the speed of your bike in all terrains. It comes with a halogen head lamp with AHO LED. The tyre is tubeless to minimize the friction. This model comes with 3 years’ warranty.

TVS Jupiter features and specifications

The motor of TVS Jupiter has a capacity of 110cc and comes with an automatic air cooling mechanism to cool off the motor. It has a power of 7.99 PS and a torque of 8Nm. This motor is refined and has the efficiency to deliver power linearly. The main advantage of Jupiter TVS is the comfort, due the telescopic fork setup upfront of the seat. The rear mono-shock suspension along with the 12-inch alloy makes this model perfect for bad terrains and high altitudes. Another new addition to the specification of this bike is the SYNC braking to avoid accidents and provide a smooth ride. It is also available in various colours. The TVS Jupiter price starts from INR 55,065.

Specifications of apache RTR 200 race edition

The TVS motor powering up this model has a whooping capacity of 198cc. It also has an oil cooling mechanism, a single cylinder motor which produces a 20PS and a torque of 18.1 Nm. Although the engine of apache 200 has two versions; carburetted and fuel injected, only the carburetted version has been available initially. The version of the bike with fuel-injected engine has launched in 2017. This model comes with a structural framework of dual cradle which has been suspended on a telescopic front fork. The rear part comes with a mono-shock unit. It also comes with two kinds of tyre options: TVS tyres and Pirelli tyres. The second one is optional. This model does not come with a warranty so far. Its price range starts from INR 1.01 lakh. It is the one of the best bikes from the wide range of TVS sport bikes.

About and specifications of apache RTR 180

The motor capacity of apache RTR 180 is 177.4cc. It is a single cylinder, 4-stroke motor for great performance. It provides a maximum power of 17.5PS and a torque of 15.5 Nm. It comes with a five speed gear box which transfers the power to the rear wheel for efficient ride. This model provides a fuel capacity of 16 litres and weighs 139kg. Its brakes come with an advanced ABS mechanism but it is optional. The tyres are tubeless and it comes with an extended warranty of 3 years. It provides a mileage of 45 kilometres per litre. Its price range starts from INR 84,649 containing the rear disc feature.

Price and specifications of TVS victor

  • It gives a whooping mileage of 75 kilometres per litre.
  • The engine of TVS victor has a capacity of 109.7cc.
  • The brakes come with various options of drums, discs and another premium edition. Of course price will vary accordingly.
  • It comes with a power of 9.6PS with a torque of 7500 rotations per minute.
  • The older version of the model has the kick-start mechanism to start the bikes but the newer versions come with an option of self-start mechanism.
  • It has digital display indicating fuel and mileage.
  • The tyres are tubeless.
  • It comes with a warranty of 3 years.
  • It price range starts from INR 55000 to INR 58000 according to the type of TVS brake you select.

Price and specifications of TVS ego

The price of TVS Wego starts from approximately INR 52000. Following are some of its key specifications:

  • It provides a mileage of 42.8 kilometres per litre.
  • It has an engine capacity of 109.7cc.
  • It comes with various brake options such as drum, disc etc.
  • TVS wego provides a power of 7.99 PS along with a torque of 7500 rotations per minute.
  • The curb of this model weighs nearly 104kg.
  • It has both options of kick start and self start.
  • Its tyre type is not tubeless.
  • It comes with a warranty of 3 years.

Features and specifications of TVS akula 310

  • The apache RR 310 has a large capacity of 312.2 cc with liquid cooling technology to cool off the engine real fast.
  • The single cylinder engine has been designed from the BMW G 310 R.
  • It provides a power of 34PS and a torque of 9700rpm.
  • TVS akula 310 provides a top notch speed of 160 kilometres per hour.
  • It weighs approximately 169.5kg.
  • It has a six speed gear to provide high speed.
  • The engine type is fuel injection.
  • It has tubeless tyres and comes with no warranty.
  • Its price range starts from INR 2.23 lakh approximately.

Price and specification of TVS sports bike

  • TVS sport provides a whooping mileage of 95 kilometres per litre.
  • The capacity of its engine is 99.7cc.
  • It has various braking options such as drum kick and spoke, drum kick and alloy, drum self and alloy.
  • This model provides a power of 7.4PS along with 7500 rotations per minute.
  • It has a kerb weight of 108.5kg.
  • It does not have the self start option; you have to kick start the bike.
  • The tyre type is not tubeless.
  • It has no digital display.
  • This model provides a warranty of 3 years.

Scooty pep price and specifications

The TVS scooty pep has a starting price range of approximately INR 46000. Following are some of its key specifications:

  • It provides a mileage of 27 kilometres per litre.
  • Its engine capacity is 87.8cc.
  • It provides a power of 5.00 PS along with 6500 rpm.
  • Its kerb weight is 95kg.
  • The starting mechanism of this vehicle comes with both kick start and self start.

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TVS Apache RR 310 Price, Mileage and Reviews