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Xerox Machine

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Overview on Xerox machine

A Xerox machine is known to be such a machine which is basically used to make photocopies of different kinds of documents as well as visual images. Making photocopies in this machine is quite quick and cheap. This is why this machine is mostly used in the school, college, universities and offices for obvious reasons.

Most of the photocopy machine is there to use a specific technology known as xerography. This process is likely to use electrostatic charges on the light sensitive photo receptor for attracting and transferring the toner particles (some sort of powder) onto the paper in form of a photo. Pressure, heat or combination of these both is eventually applied in order to fuse toner onto paper.

What is the Xerox machine price in India?

  • The Xerox machine price in India is likely to be different on the basis of different factors. The Xerox machine price of a particular brand is supposed to be different than another brand. Therefore, the price is highly likely to differ as per the brands of the photocopy machines.
  • For examples, the price of Xerox pe220 model is likely to be around 5200 rupees if you want to buy the refurbished one. On the other hand, if you are interested to purchase the brand new model, then you might have to spend some few thousand bucks more. Brand new photostat machine price obviously would be higher than that of refurbished ones.

More on the price of Xerox machines

There is the model Versalink C400 model which is known to be one of the best in the market. This specific model is to cost you around 1.01 lakh rupees. It is considered to be a good buy as per the features and specifications the machine comes with. This multicoloured photocopy machine is able to print two different paper sizes, A3 and A4. There is printer with scanner and Xerox that you can go for your convenience.

On the other hand, there is Epson Xerox machine which is in great demand for its quality. Different Photocopy machines of Epson are known to be of different price. An ordinary Epson copier machine is to cost you around 3,600/ Unit rupees. That being said, a standard Epson Xerox machine is there to cost you 60,000 rupees. Hence, the price is likely to vary as per the model number.

Before you proceed to purchase a Xerox machine, it is always wise to check out the Xerox machine price list for your convenience. This way you will have a clear-cut idea about the different kinds of Xerox and its prices. On the other hand, you are also supposed to know about Xerox machine price in India with models for your knowledge.


It is up to you how extensive research you can do before purchasing a Xerox machine. Always buy a machine as per your need. If you need a Xerox machine for your home, then a simple model will do the trick. But if you need it for your office, or university then you may have to buy a standard model. You need to check printer with scanner and Xerox price list beforehand.

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